*Your browser or Internet connection may make this online demo load slow or act erratic Add a background image. Add a speech bubble and make your actors talk. The retail version of StoryMaker includes more image controls to manipulate an actor or prop and it’s location on the page. This makes it easier to place your actors and props exactly where you want them. StoryMaker includes a “What you see” text control to change the font, font size, and font type. You can instantly page back and forth through your “Story” eBook and add new pages on the fly. Each page of a multi-page eBook always remains  available for future changes and improvements -- so you can go back hours, days or months later to make instant alterations. StoryMaker is a “fun to use” Story Book creator. Work with multiple projects. Add multiple pages to each project. Add a new background image to each page. Add multiple actor or prop images. Add speech bubbles Add background sounds for each page. Add sound effects to each image. “click and drag” images anywhere on a page. “shift” click and drag to resize an image. Create “new” pages or duplicate “last” page. Print each page in full color. Save your “Story” as HTML web pages that you can use to create your own eBooks. Create truly inspired Storyboards, Astonishing Outlines, fantastic Children’s Stories, informative Tutorials, amazing Comics, and dynamic eBooks... instantly.... Writers and Authors: Create professional storyboards and outlines in an easy to use visual format. No code to learn.  GoldPanner’s StoryMaker software includes over a hundred available digital backgrounds, actors and props to help flesh out your story, plot or proposal - PLUS you can add your own images to attain the level of realism you demand. Exceptional value -- don’t let the small price fool you. Educators and Parents: GoldPanner’s StoryMaker software is not only capable of storyboarding for the most sophisticated and demanding professional, it’s also a lot of fun. Authors of any age will find StoryMaker’s creative freedom inspirational and addictive. StoryMaker is a great way to get kids involved in creative story making. Children of all ages will have a blast making up their own stories. Exceptional FUN -- easy on your pocketbook. Developers: StoryMaker is a great way to produce tutorials. Simply use screen shots of your software or product for the StoryMaker backgrounds. Then add arrows and call-outs to explain how customers should use your product. Enjoy complete creative freedom with unlimited pages and perpetual editing.  Add actors and props. Join the cast on the StoryMaker stage and earn a FREE copy of the StoryMaker program. Download Information **PC Windows OS only -- (13 inch screen or larger) The StoryMaker retail package includes numerous backgrounds, actors, props and sound files. You also have access to an online library of StoryMaker characters and props. Download FREE Trial -- purchase $24.95  *discounts for educational and volume orders.  As part of the StoryMaker cast you might get a staring role as a hero or a heroin. You could be cast as an important supporting actor or actress. You might even be cast as a dastardly villain. Put yourself on the StoryMaker stage. Get a “FREE” copy of StoryMaker See our “Special Offer” for more details.
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